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NLF Scholarship Application 2017

Frequently Asked Questions


Who is eligible to apply for a NAPABA Law Foundation Scholarship?
Our scholarships are made available, on a competitive basis, to students who are enrolled in an accredited U.S. law school. Applicants must be U.S. citizens or permanent residents.

Do I have to be Asian Pacific American to apply?

No. The NAPABA Law Foundation strongly encourages applications from applicants reflecting diverse cultural and experiential backgrounds, people with disabilities and of diverse ethnic, racial, religious, and socioeconomic backgrounds, work experiences, national origins, sexual orientations and ages.

I will be attending law school in the Fall of 2017, am I eligible to apply?

Yes. Please submit a statement from your law school certifying that you are a law degree candidate enrolled at least part-time. Many applicants already have a letter of matriculation which can be submitted to fulfill the NLF Scholarship application requirements.

If I'm thinking about law school but haven't applied or enrolled, can I still apply for a scholarship?
No, you must currently be enrolled in law school to be eligible for a scholarship. Students entering law school as first year students are eligible.

Will NLF confirm receipt of my application when sent?
No. Due to the high volume of applications, it is administratively prohibitive to provide acknowledgement/receipt of application.

What are the scholarship criteria?

The scholarships are generally awarded on the bases of academic achievement, leadership potential and commitment to/interest in serving the Asian Pacific American community. Of all the parts of the application, your essay carries the greatest weight. Please emphasize any experience you have that shows your commitment to bettering the APA community. The committee will carefully review your transcript, letters of recommendation and resume along with this essay to determine if you are a good fit for one of the scholarships.

Do I need to send multiple applications if I want to apply for multiple scholarships?
No. Please fill out one NAPABA Law Foundation Scholarships Application to be considered for all scholarships.

Are there any guidelines for letters of recommendation?
Please submit two letters of recommendation. It is not necessary to submit more than two. If you do submit more than two letters of recommendations, the scholarship committee may only review the first two letters they receive. Letters may be sealed or unsealed.

Can I send the letters of recommendation under separate cover?
Yes. Letters of recommendation may be sent directly from the recommender or under separate cover from the applicant. However, all letters of recommendation must be received by Sept. 4, 2017, for full consideration.

Can I submit a letter of recommendation that was written for law school admission or other purpose?
Yes. The best letter of recommendation is one that can highlight why you should be awarded a scholarship. However, we recognize due to the summer travel schedule of recommenders that it is sometimes difficult to secure a timely letter.

What if I exceed the page length?
We believe writing concisely is a skill. Please do not allow your essay to exceed 500 words.

When will I know if I am awarded a scholarship?

Awardees will be notified directly in October. On occasion, notification occurs in early November. All candidates will receive notification on their finals status. It is not necessary to email NLF for an update.

Can I contact NLF if I have questions?

Yes. However, ensure you have reviewed the entire application prior to contacting us. Questions can be sent to