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Brad Yamauchi

Brad Yamauchi

Candidate for Secretary






Personal Statement

1. What particular training or experience do you bring that would make you a strong NAPABA officer?

My three years of experience on the Board as VP for Membership, having been a Co-Chair of the Solo and Small Firm and Labor and Employment Committees, and my prior five to nine year terms on other bar association boards, qualify me to be a strong continuing NAPABA officer.

As NAPABA’s VP for Membership, my focus was on developing new affiliates and evaluating what services national NAPABA could provide to individual members and its 70 affiliates. In addition to MCLE, members’ want help in business development/referrals and many affiliate leaders need help to reduce administrative burdens so they have more time for substantive affiliate work.  As Secretary, I will continue to be closely involved with NAPABA’s new website to ensure that it will fulfill these goals.

2. With respect to the position you are seeking, what goals do you have for NAPABA, and how do they align with or diverge from NAPABA's most recent strategic plan?

I will continue to work on the strategic plan implementation as Board Secretary, where I will have direct information and coordination with each Board member and staff responsible implementation activities.  Consistent with Goals 1 and 3 of the strategic plan, I want member and affiliate services delivered by the NAPABA website to be a top priority.  I will also work to evaluate and strengthen the operations of the Board and staff as stated in Goal 2.  Please note that the current 2012-2015 strategic plan is due for review and updating. If elected, I look forward to participating in the creation of a new five year strategic plan.

3. What are the challenges and opportunities you see facing NAPABA in the coming year?

Based on my three years as VP for Membership and talking to founders, scores of affiliate leaders, and attendees of conventions and regional conferences, I believe that NAPABA’s transition to a web based connected organization creates both challenges and opportunities. Since the mid 2000’s to now, NAPABA has more than doubled its membership and now has 70 affiliate organizations. 1,200 to 1,800 members attended recent Conventions and more than eight new regional and national affiliates have joined in the past three years with several more in the pipeline.  The number of APA’s practicing in the U.S. increased dramatically during the past 15 years and now many are partners with prestigious firms, high level government lawyers or appointees, judges and corporate leaders. NAPABA must continue to be a catalyst for this growing membership base. 

NAPABA’s Strategic Plan 2012-2015 Vision Statement: “Through the strength, talent, and engagement of our diverse and growing membership, NAPABA is the preeminent professional development organization and voice for the Asian Pacific American legal community, and is the leading proponent for justice.”

NAPABA has the challenge and opportunity to connect all APA members and affiliates in the U.S. and around the world.  NAPABA’s website data base will support mobile apps to make it easy to find members with the experience, skills and connections for referrals, mentorship and advice. This “NAPABA Network” is the challenge and the opportunity.

4. How do you anticipate accomplishing your goals?

The role of Secretary requires significantly more time and attention to detail than most board positions.  The Secretary coordinates meeting agendas and meeting schedules, keeps minutes, updates Board rosters and retains governing documents, and is familiar with NAPABA’s bylaws and Roberts’ rules, among other duties.  This requires attendance at all quarterly Board meetings, monthly Executive Committee conference calls, specially called Board meetings, the Annual Convention, several Regional Conferences and affiliate events.  This commitment is challenging for lawyers with busy practices.  However, due to my retirement at the end of 2015, I will be able to meet these requirements.  As the saying goes, “90% of success is just showing up.”

As always, please feel free to contact me.  I want to hear your views and suggestions on all aspects of the operations of NAPABA. 

Thank you for voting in this election.

Candidate Bio

Brad Yamauchi, a Partner with Minami Tamaki and now Of Counsel, focuses his practice in Plaintiff Employment Litigation, consumer class actions for price fixing and financial fraud, and whistleblower retaliation and plaintiff legal malpractice claims.  With over 38 years in practice advising and representing thousands of clients, he is expert in litigation and non-litigation strategies to achieve client goals. 

From 2012 to the present Mr. Yamauchi has been the NAPABA Vice President for Membership. From 2007 to 2011 he was a Co-Chair of NAPABA’s Labor and Employment Committee and from 2011-2013 he was a Co-Chair of NAPABA’s Solo and Small Firm Committee. From 1996 to 2005, he was on the Executive Board of the National Employment Lawyers Association. From 2002-2005 he was the Board President of From 2003-2008, he was appointed to the Executive Board of the California Employment Lawyers Association. From 2006 to 2008, he taught Survey of Employment Law and Employment Discrimination Law at Golden Gate Law School. 

From 2013 to 2015, Mr. Yamauchi served on the Judicial Nominee Evaluation Commission of the California Bar Association to evaluate judicial nominations by the Governor and served as a Vice-President on the Board of the Japanese Community and Cultural Center of Northern California.

His dedication to civil rights and Asian-American issues is inspired by the courage and sacrifice of his father who served with thousands of Japanese American soldiers during World War II and the imprisonment of his father and mother’s families in relocation camps.

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