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Pro Bono General Counsel Program

General Information

The NAPABA Pro Bono General Counsel Program seeks to provide organizations serving the Asian Pacific American (APA) community with access to high­-quality, pro bono legal advice and counsel that they cannot afford. The program is intended to help APA­-serving organizations promote good governance practices and comply with relevant laws and regulations. The General Counsel’s activities might include advising clients about maintaining tax­ exempt status, reviewing contracts, and ensuring compliance with fundraising regulations. We provide these services through the generous pro bono services of volunteer attorneys.

Interested organizations and volunteer attorneys should complete the designated application forms. Applications will be submitted to the database, and organizations will be provided an opportunity to interview and hire a volunteer attorney.

Organizations |
Apply Here

Eligibility Requirements

NAPABA's Pro Bono General Counsel Program is designed to connect eligible organizations with volunteer attorneys who are willing to provide free legal assistance for ongoing business, corporate, and legal matters that do not involve litigation. To be eligible for assistance, all organizations are evaluated under the following criteria and preferences:

  • The organization is a nonprofit organization. 
  • The primary mission of the organization, or one of its significant outreach initiatives, is to advocate on issues related to the Asian Pacific American community.
  • The organization cannot afford legal assistance or paying for legal services would negatively impact its work.

Other eligibility factors include:

  • The type of assistance needed.
  • Area of legal expertise required by the organization.
  • Availability of attorneys willing to volunteer at any given time.
  • The organization’s demonstrated impact.
  • The organization’s sustainability (reliability and viability).


To apply for the NAPABA Pro Bono General Counsel Program, please complete the nonprofit application form HERE.

Attorneys |
Apply Here

Attorneys (and their law firms) participating in the NAPABA Pro Bono General Counsel Program may represent organizations in their work to advocate on issues affecting the APA community. The organizations we assist are engaged in a broad range of activities to better the lives of the APA community through policy advocacy, leadership development, capacity building, and research.

Eligibility Requirements

  • The participating attorney (and/ or his/her law firm) agrees to represent the organization for the specific matter at hand and for any future matters that the organization might choose to retain the attorney (and/or the law firm) to handle without charging fees for the legal services or any internal costs (e.g., copying, long distance, faxes, shipping, travel, secretarial support, and other expenses incurred by the attorney during the representation). The organization is responsible for paying any filing fees or other external costs necessitated by the project that are not waived by the attorney (and/or the law firm), such as title report fees, closing costs, IRS filing fees, and other state and federal filing costs.
  • In participating in the general counsel program, each volunteer attorney (and the law firm) agrees to:
    • Treat the organization with the same dignity and respect that would be accorded any other client.
    • Conduct all legal work in a timely manner and with the same degree of professionalism that would be accorded any other client.
    • Confirm that s/he has no conflicts of interest.
    • Keep track of the amount of time worked on each matter.


To apply for the NAPABA Pro Bono General Counsel Program, please complete the attorney volunteer application form HERE.


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